GM's of


John Shimp.....West Virginia Black Bears, Commish of the AFKL and GM of the West Virginia Black Bears. I am 66 and live up a dead end hollow outside of Hamlin, WV. I am a retired teacher/education administrator (I do sub admin from time to time). I love being around my family, golf, gardening. I enjoy sports, fantasy sports, computers, a major fan of Marshall University-LCHS-Washington Nationals-Washington Redskins.

Scott Grauel...GM of the Jobu's Rumrunners. Born and raised in Cleveland Ohio. Die Hard Cleveland sports fan. I have been married for over a decade to my luvely bride and have three beautiful kids. I have been in the restaurant biz for years. I have two loves in my life my family and baseball.

Tom Burniski.....
of the GM of the St Louis TuffiesI am 70
I am a retired teacher. I taught Spanish,
History, and was an assistant principal for five years. I have also
coached girl's track and basketball.
I coach girl's track at a private Catholic school in St Louis.
I am married to a wonderful woman Linda. I have 1 step daughter and 2 step sons and 3 step grandsons and 2 step granddaughters I have two daughters one is an accountant,
the other an elementary teacher, and 4 granddaughters, 1 grandson,
1 step granddaughter and 3 step grandsons. Being from St. Louis, the baseball capital
of the country, I am a fan of the Cardinals and also the
Cleveland Indians. I follow the Blues who are the Cubs of hockey.
Baseball, however, is my first love.

Brian WagnerGM of the Iowa Crushers Brian Wagner: 46, and living in Central Iowa. I am GM of the Iowa Crushers and have been a fantasy player for nearly 20 years. Married father of 3 boys ages 18, 15, and 13 who all play baseball. Oldest boy has been the "ace" of the varsity staff the last three years winning All-Conference Honors and racked up a several big upset wins over highly ranked teams. Middle boy flashes a solid glove and power bat from the right side at 1B and 2B. Youngest is a lefty like dad and features a sweet lefty swing and some potential on the bump as well. During the off season I enjoy sports of all types, being outdoors and hunting Ditch Chickens (pheasant) with my English and Irish Setters.

Rich di Matteo... GM of New Jersey Knights Born and Raised in Brooklyn NY, and husband of the very beautiful Andrea Lauren. I am living in Central NJ, with my family, Wife Andrea, Son Andrew 5, and Daughter Jessica 1. I am a big Mets, Rangers, Cowboys, Chelsea fan. I am self employed, and loving it..

Mike MerrittGM of the Cincy Big Red Machine.. My wife and I are Clevelanders via Florida . We both were military brats who have lived all over the world. She is in Medical and I am lifelong restaurant guy. Our kids are grown , so it is she and I , two cats and a dog..

Rick Briggs.GM of the Ohio Blue Express Have lived in Huntsburg, Ohio since 1978 on wife's family property, owned since 1894 Work in Newspaper Advertising Sales Graduate Warren Wilson College in Asheville N.C. Big Cleveland Indians fan (since birth!) Enjoy antiques, visiting historical sites, traveling. Family: 1 wife, 4 cats and a Canadian Lab.

Dave DayGM of the Riverfront Rally SquirrelsDave Day, age 69, is a hardcore baseball fan, though his memory for names and statistics is not what it was in his youth. I have been married to Jane Larson for almost 40 years. Our son, Patrick, is graduating from Marquette University with a majors in accounting, international business, and I-Tech. Fantasy baseball is one of my passions. Though,I am a sports fan, I have little interest in any other fantasy sports.I am also an advocate of avant-garde jazz.and am president of The New Music Circle in St. Louis. ..

Darius Krupnik... GM of the Kirkwood MO Rolling Thunder I am 62, live in Kirkwood, MO, a suburb of St. Louis and am obviously a big Cardinal fan and have been since Musial. Not retired, still working, divorced (lots of time for Fantasy) and 2 grown kids. I play in anywhere from 10 to 15 different fantasy baseball leagues every year on various platforms with varying rules. I am involved in Fantasy NASCAR (ran league for 5 years), golf, Soccer, Football, Hockey, Basketball, College FB and even did Survivor (the TV show) one year. Commish of Kirkwood Fantasy Baseball since 2002 (4 time winner) CSKL since inception, never won, but ranked #3 since the beginning. Co-owner and then owner in Big 8 (2 time winner, I think) GM in NL/AL Auction League, LOMO since 2005 (finally won it this year) GM in NL only/Auction League, 1Hitters, since 2003 GM in Game Day Ritual League since 2010.

Stephen Winn ...GM of the Apache Junction Prospectors.
I have lived in Apache Junction, Arizona for the past 25 years. I have the most amazing wife ever, her name is �Hey� aka Dawne. She told me to stay home, workout, play fantasy football and baseball, see that my three boys get to school on time and feed and water our dog, Jade. Who can beat that? As I said, I have three boys Elijah, Jonah and Noah ages 13, 10, and 6, respectively. My favorite football team is the KC Chiefs, favorite baseball team are the KC Royals.

Kevin Johnson..
Orwell JJ's.
Kevin was the father of 2 (boy and a girl). Love all sports especially baseball and basketball. Big Ohio State, Browns, Cavs, and Indians fan. He was into stock market, old movies, and of course sports. Kevin is missed.

Adam Droe...GM of the Portland Sea Dogs
I live in suburb of Cleveland Ohio. My family has always been part of Red Sox Nation. I also have two children and a beautiful wife. I love the outdoors and water skiing.

Dusty Rhodes...GM of the Superstition Bandits
I am 49. started in 1991 thru big apple sports played with them for about 15 years (8 with one continuous league). I do a home league several CBS and I did my first scoresheet this year. Live in Phoenix metro.

Randy Montgomery...GM of the The Musial Suspects of St. Louis
I am 60 years old, married for 20 years to Sharon, who clearly just got tired of looking, and instead, settled for me. I have been blessed with 30-plus years in the automotive industry. I have lived in St. Louis my entire life, until recently when we relocated to Farmington, Missouri. I enjoy most real sports and play fantasy baseball exclusively.