Rules and Regulations

Becoming a GM

General Managers must be willing to work with their team to improve it, legal lineups posted weekly on time, realize that the league is for fun, enjoy interacting with the other members of the league. Stay active and inform the Commish if you are going to be off for extended periods of time example being vacation, computer down etc.


The categories used will be 7 offense..runs, home runs, runs batted in, on base percentage, stolen bases, hits, batting averages. 7 pitching..wins, saves, strike outs, innings pitched, earn run average, holds and whip. In all there are 14 possible runs each week, the total your team achieves in each will be compared to your opponent that week..example your team hit 6 home runs and your opp. hit 4, you would have one run.
The league will play head to head, with a two game schedule per week. There will be approximately (22) twenty two weeks in the regular season.
The Category of Runs will be the first,
Wins 2nd,
BA 3rd,
and ERA 4th.
(example if Runs still tied, then wins etc.)


The Playoffs will consist of 6 teams. The 2 division winners, the second place teams, and two remaining teams with next best records. The division winners will receive a bye then play winners of 1st round. The remaining winners will face the championship.
The Tie Breakers for positions to get into post season will be:
1.HTH record between two teams involved in the tie
if still tied..
2. Total score between the two teams involved, scores of both contest added together.
if still tied...
3. If position is for division crown, division record.(if not skip to #4.)
4. Total points both teams scored for the entire season.
if still tied (last resort)...
5. Flip of coin, commissioner will set up meeting.

The Category of Runs will be the first,
Wins 2nd,
BA 3rd,
and ERA 4th.
(example if Runs still tied, then wins etc.)

Roster/Line ups

There is a limit of 27 players on your ML roster. After the required positions, you may fill in the remaining spots with any position you wish. Lineups are to be set by Monday as Monday begins that week's game. A lineup must have 1 1B, 1 2B, 1 SS, 1 3B, 1 C, 3 OF, 1 DH (can be any position player), 5 starting pitchers, and 4 relievers for a total of 18 players on the active roster.

Minor Draft

'A minor League Draft will be established a following MLB minor draft. There will be 6 rounds maximum. This draft is for players selected in the MLB minor draft signed by the MLB deadline for signing (will use MLB.com and baseballamerica.com as sources for actual signing)and foreign players signed since last draft. Each GM may choose to participate in all rounds, a few rounds, or not at all. Draft order will be established by finish in the previous year (Champion 14th and Runner-up 13th). This is message board draft, GMs will send a list of names in the order they wish to select or have another GM pick for them if they cannot participate. Trading of Minor picks is allowed for the current season.

Roster Moves
A limit of 2 per day per team. Each GM is limited to 20 roster moves per season. These moves are counted when claiming a player off the waiver wire or free agent, Major League Roster and Minor League Roster. The same player may be reacquired provided he passes through waivers (releasing team may not place a waiver). Trades are NOT counted in this, nor promoting Minor League players from your Minor League. See Trading.

Free Roster Move Limit 2 signings per day per team. Time is TBA, any players on the Free Agent list may be acquired with unlimited moves. This will be on a first come first serve basis, with wavier claims being made according to rules. See Dates page. Signings during this period will not count towards a team's 20 moves.

Roster Moves are counted towards the 20 limit if made between March deadline, and the August 28th midnight deadline. Waiver request will be awarded according to the Waiver List. The Waiver List will be posted on Transaction page with date in August (found on Important Dates Link) for Transactions.

Waiver Order/Moves/Foreign Players

There will be a 3 day waiver period on players released. After that they will be a free agent, and available on a first come, first serve basis. GMs who wish to claim a Waiver Player are to submit the name, position, and ML team for the requested player, as well as the roster move needed to place the player if awarded the player. The highest team on the list will be awarded the player at the end of the 3 day waiting period.
During the season a waiver request granted will cost a move. If the waiver player has minor moves left, they will go with the player, if the player has minor moves left and becomes a Free Agent he will lose the moves (unless his stats still qualify).

Regular Trading is allowed beginning March (announced date), till date in August posted on Important Dates link. Trades made will not count towards the 20 moves allowed. The trade may involve multiple players in one trade. NO trade limit is in place with each team. All trades can be submitted to the commissioner for approval by both GMs involved, or use the Trades option on CBS, they will then be announced to the league by the commissioner. Be sure to include minors or picks involved in the message part of CBS Trade option. To play an acquired player involved in a move, he must be approved prior to submitting the starting lineup that week. Trade approval is to insure fairness. Trades may be turned down or requested to be restructured to balance out the trade. The best interest of the league will always come first.

Player's Position is Determined by the previous year, minimum 20 games per position. THE DH WILL DEFAULT TO HIS LAST POSITION PLAYED, IF QUESTIONS Commissioner WILL MAKE A RULING. The positions listed on the CBS site will be the positions available for each player (this will be updated as best as commissioner can, as the CBS page has one set position listed and may not meet our needs. The league will use the
CBS Sportsline
to determine position eligibility, in addition, once a player has played a position for 20 games in the current year he will qualify for that position also. If he has not reached 20 games at a position, then we revert to position most played. SP will be primarily known as SP and RP the same. Pitchers will receive stats for basic position (SP or RP), if they do both during a scoring week, which would be in an unusual situation, then all will count. For example Scherzer pitching relief in a big game, or a relief pitcher making a rare start in an emergency situation. This shouldn't be a problem and hopefully common sense will prevail. The commissioner will determine SP/RP status as needed. season, and will review position status as needed. If a pitcher has a start in the up coming week, then he is a starter.

Minor League Status is given a player who has 130 or less Major League AB, or has pitched 50 or less Major League innings. A player may be kept in your minor leagues until you choose to drop him, promote him, or he goes over the 600 AB, or 250 IP stats, at which time he is no longer a minor leaguer and must be promoted or dropped (if he qualifies as a minor leaguer at the beginning of the season, he may remain as one with remaining moves for the season). Once a player is in your minor league system meeting the requirements (130/50) he can be promoted and returned to minors four times. A number in ( ) will be placed after the player's name on your roster indicating the remaining moves left from minors to majors. Example, Nolan Shimp RP Was (2) if Nolan is on minors roster, he may be promoted 2 times to your ML roster, if Nolan on ML roster, he still has two trips to minors and 2 promotions to your ML roster.

Commissioner's Committee

Two GMs will be selected to form a committee to offer opinions to the commissioner when called upon. The different opinions will be considered, but the final decision remains the commissioner!

DL List

The DL is for players on your Major League roster only! If a player is placed on the DL by the Major League team or is reported to be out for an extended time (30 days) using the CBS site as a reference, you may place him on the DL list and make a roster move to replace him. This would cost you one of your 20 roster moves, unless replacement comes from your Minor League Team. Once he comes off the list you must activate him. Dropping another player (or demote one to minors, not necessarily the same one you picked up. Or you may choose to leave the DLed player on your major roster, and ride it out. SUSPENDED players if long term (30 + days)may be placed on DL list.
The DL is not meant to be a dumping ground for a collection of players, please use it correctly!

Winter Meetings

A six day Winter meeting will be held in the off season . League will reopen for free FA signing and trading period. Teams may trade players (subject to league approval, see trading), acquire FA on a first come, first serve basis with a limit of 2 per day. During this time rosters may drop below 27 for majors but not go above the 27 player limit.