America's Fantasy Keeper League Start-Up Notes

1. Bring together 14 GMs. Finish gathering team info for web site.

2. Divide into 2 divisions, Washington (eastern teams)/Lincoln (western teams).

3. To determine a team's slot in the draft we will use this method. Predict the winners of the games played opening week of the NFL (16 games), tie breaker will be the total points scored in the latest Monday Night game. In the event of ties we will use the first to submit predictions to the Commissioner. GMs will use this to select the position they want (for example the winner may not want the 1st slot in draft, he may want a mid slot). Major league start-up draft--22 rounds (other 4 slots on major roster will be filled in with FA signings later)--snake order. Must be major league players, any player who would not quality for minors can be selected.

4. Minor start-up draft will flip draft order opposite major draft order--snake order--30 rounds.

5. Waiver order will be determined with random method and waiver wire will rotate (once a waiver awarded team will go to end of order. Following years waiver order will remain the same with season records used, champs last, runner-up next to last.

6. Set date for winter meetings for trading and FA signings.

7. Order will be determined for 2016 minor draft with random selections. Following years will follow worse to first with champs last and runner-up next to last.