Profiles of GMs of the NFKL

John Shimp.....West Virginia Senators 66, I live in the suburbs of Hamlin WV, I am retired from teaching and education administration (although I do sub principal from time to time). I enjoy my family, sports, fantasy sports, computers, a major fan of Marshall University-LCHS-Washington Nationals-Washington Redskins.
Jim Tobias...Alabama Yellow Hammers, 58 year old baseball fanatic married to new wife Mila (37, Indonesian, and a journalist)- planning on having a family for the first time!; career: MBA, C.P.M.; Director of Materials for division of large corporation in Birmingham, Alabama area (moved from Cleveland, Ohio 5 years ago, and am a huge Indians fan.) interests: baseball- major and minor league fan, and play on 55 and over national tournament team (softball) and young man leagues. Golf.
Rob Aronin..... The GM of the Granite City Brewers. Longtime fantasy owner, finally with enough time to play. Fan of Wisconsin sports, and the STL Blues.
Tom Burniski...GM of the Gateway City Browns. I am 70. I am a retired teacher.
I taught Spanish, History, and was an assistant principal
for five years. I have also coached girl's track and basketball.
I coach girl's track at a private Catholic school in St Louis.
I am married to a wonderful woman Linda. I have two daughters one is an accountant,the other
an elementary teacher, and 4 granddaughters 1 grandson, 1 step daughter and 2 step sons and 3 step grandsons and 2 step granddaughters.,
Being from St. Louis, the baseball capital of the
country, I am a fan of the Cardinals and also theCleveland Indians. I
follow the Blues but baseball is my first love.
Brian Wagner...GM of the Stratford Indians. Fantasy player for in excess of 10 years. Commish over the years of a couple baseball leagues and keeper football league going into its 12th season. 39 years old father of 3 boys, enjoy sports, outdoors, hunting with my english and irish setters.
Dave Day...GM of the Creve Coeur Crushers. I am thrilled to join another one of John�s Leagues. I am a member of 7 fantasy baseball leagues. I am a newly widowed man who lives in St. Louis, Missouri. I have a 23 year old son who lives in Milwaukee. A lifelong Cardinals fan, I look forward to some spirited games.
Rick Briggs....GM of the Northshore Yardmasters. I have played fantasy since 1985. On occasion I even have good teams! I currently play in MTKL, two Full Slate leagues, 3 AOL and a Yahoo League, which proves that my brain has turned into complete mush. Looking forward to NFKL as I have played against many of the current owners. I have lived in my home in Huntsburg, Ohio since 1978. The house was built in 1846 and has been in my wife's family since 1893. I am an advertising rep for Gazette Newspapers in Jefferson, Ohio. Mindi and I have been married for 30 years. I am a huge Cleveland Indian fan and for relaxation I am into antiques, an a history buff and a music affectionary with a taste for accuostic, jazz and blues.
Scott Grauel...GM of the Scarlett GreySox. Born and raised in Cleveland Ohio. Die Hard Cleveland sports fan. I have been married for over a decade to my luvely bride and have three beautiful kids. I have been in the restaurant biz for years. I have two loves in my life my family and baseball.
Cory Vanarsdale .GM of the South Bend Sluggers. Born and raised in Western NY. I'm a die-hard Notre Dame, Buffalo sports, and Chicago Cubs fan. Father to an awesome son. Years of restaurant experience, currently working as a chef. Love bowling, golfing, fishing, gardening, landscaping, and obviously cooking.
Randy Montgomery...GM of the Daytona Beaches. I am 55 years old, married for 17 years to a wonderful woman who seems to tolerate me more than most, semi-retired after 30-plus years in the automotive industry and I live in St. Louis. I enjoy most real sports and play fantasy baseball exclusively. I have two step-daughters and a step-grandson.
Jason Oiler...GM of the Woodbridge Weird Beards. I've been playing since I was like...14? 15? Somewhere around there. So around half my life. I've won numerous championships, including two in a row in my one-year league...besting Mike and Matt among others. My only baseball keeper league experience comes from my two playoff seasons in the NFKL. I look forward to reclaiming my glory. I'm awesome. Tall. I like coffee. Black. I'm a screenwriter when I'm alone in my room. Otherwise, I'm a PE and Computer teacher. I'm a hardcore Redskins fan. And also root hard for the Yankees and Nationals. At the moment I'm dealing with plantar warts. They're ultra persistent and I don't like them. I wish I had a girlfriend to brag about, but I don't. My favorite cereal gives me gas.
Matt Ivicic...My name is Matt Ivicic and I'm 31 years old. I live in Chantilly, Virginia and have been a sports fan all my life. Attended Robert Morris University and the University of South Carolina. Met my fiance Katie while at school at USC. My favorite teams are the Gamecocks, Redskins, Yankees and Capitals. I've been playing fantasy sports for well over 10 years but this is my first try at dynasty baseball.
Adam Droe...GM of the Lowell Spinners. I live in suburb of Cleveland Ohio. My family has always been part of Red Sox Nation. I also have two children and a beautiful wife. I love the outdoors and water skiing.