NFKL Start Up Draft 2005 (Major and Minor)

Transactions 2005 Season

TRADE: BROWNS Send Lance Berkman OF Hou to the MAYHEM for Nomar Garciaparra SS CHC.
BROWNS Release Kip Wells SP Pit and sign Jeff Suppan SP StL.
TRADE: CRITTERS Send CC Sabathia SP Cle and their 1st Rd Minor pick to the NATIONALS for Matt Clement SP Bos, Steve Finley OF Ana, and their 3rd Round Minor pick.
NATIONALS Sign Cliff Floyd OF NYM and AAA Ian Bladergroen 1B NYM.
CRITTERS: Release Cesar Izturis SS LA
VIOLATORS: Release Ryan Dempster RP CHC and sign D'Angelo Jimenez 2B Cin and Matt Moses 3B Min AAA.
BROWNS: Sign Brad Eldred 1B Pit AAA.
MAYHEM: Release Humberto Cota C Pit and signs Grady Sizemore OF Cle.

CRITTERS: Release Jason Dubois OF CHC and sign Hee Seop Choi 1B LA.

BROWNS: Release Curtis Thigpen C Tor AAA and sign Travis Boyer RP Min AAA.

BROWNS: Release Steve Trachsel SP NYM and sign Kip Wells SP Pit.
WAR EAGLES: Awarded Jason Dubois OF CHC AAA via waivers and release Brendan Harris 2B Was AAA.
CRITTERS: Release Greg Aquino RP Ari and signs Joe Borowski RP CHC.
WAR EAGLES: Release Josh Kroeger OF Ari AAA and sign Andy Sisco RP Kan AAA.
TRADE: WAR EAGLES send Horiciao Ramirez SP Atl to the CAJUNS for Kevin Millwood SP Cle and Cajuns 1st Rd minor pick.

CRITTERS: awarded Brendan Harris 2B Was AAA via waivers and release JC Holt 2B Atl AAA.
WAR EAGLES: sign Greg Aquino RP Ari AAA and release Nate Schierholtz 3B SF AAA.

TRADE: WAR EAGLES send Jerome Williams SP SF and John Maine SP Bal AAA to the WOLVES for Rickie Weeks 2B Mil AAA, Paul Wilson SP Cin and their 2nd RD minor pick.

BRAINIACS sign Wil Ledezma SP Det and release Rick Ankiel OF StL.

CRITTERS release Joe Borowski RP CHC and sign Miguel Batista RP Tor.
VIOLATORS release D'Angelo Jimenez 2B Cin and Matt Moses 3B Min AAA, signing Eric Byrnes OF Oak and Ryan Doumit C Pit AAA.

BILLY GOATS release from majors Joe Blanton SP Oak, JD Closser C Col and Jose Capellan SP Mil.

CRITTERS release Hee Seop Choi 1B LAD, and sign Rafael Palmeiro 1B Bal.

VIOLATORS release Dan Meyer SP Oak (4) and sign Erik Bedard SP Bal
MONEY BAGS sign Tim Redding SP SD and release Juan Dominguez SP Tex (4).


VIOLATORS (move #1 of 20) awarded via waivers Jose Capellan SP Mil AAA, release Fernendo Cabrera RP Cle AAA.
BRAINIACS (move #1 of 20) awarded via waivers Joe Blanton SP Oak AAA, releasing Jeff Allison SP Fla AAA.
BROWNS (move #1 of 20) awarded via waivers JD Closser C Col AAA and release Chuck James SP Atl AAA.
VIOLATORS (move #2 of 20) DL Tony Armas SP Was and sign Jorge Cantu 2B Tam.

BILLY GOATS (move #1 of 20) awarded via waivers Dan Meyer SP Oak AAA.
NEW GMS Eric Beery and the Emerald City Cyclones replace the Mason City Mayhem, and Brian Wiley and the Philadelphia BW34 replace the Centerville Gamecocks.
BW34 (moves #1-2 of 20) release Ty Wigginton 2B/3B Pit and Chin Tsao RP Col, signing Randy Winn OF Sea and Mike Sweeney 1B Kan.
BROWNS release Dallas McPherson 3B LAA AAA and promote Yhency Brazoban RP LAD.

CYCLONES (move #1 of 20) Awarded via waivers Dallas McPherson 3B LAA AAA (Cyclones 1st on waiver wire so no need to wait 3 days).
TRADE: CYCLONES send Bronson Arroyo SP Bos, Derek Jeter SS NYY, Shawn Green 1B/OF Ari and their 2nd Rd minor pick to the Critters for Gavin Floyd SP Phi (4), Gil Meche SP Sea, Edgar Renteria SS Bos, and their 3rd Rd minor pick.
CYCLONES DL Brad Penny SP LAD and Barry Bonds OF SF, promoting Ryan Church OF Was.
TRADE: CYCLONES send David Wright 3B NYM, Matt Morris SP StL, and their 5th RD minor pick to the WAR EAGLES for CC Sabathia SP Cle, Victor Martinez C Cle, and their 4th RD Minor pick.
CYCLONES (moves #2-3 of 20) sign Craig Monroe OF Det and Wilson Betemit SS Atl.

CRITTERS (move #1 of 20) sign Brandon Lyon RP Ari and release Rafael Palmeiro 1B Bal.
TRADE: CYCLONES send Jose Contreras SP CHW and Tony Glaus 3B Ari to the CAJUNS for Joel Pineiro SP Sea and Brad Hennessey SP SF AAA.
CAJUNS DL Wade Miller SP Bos.

TRADE: VIOLATORS send Jose Capellan SP Mil AAA to the BILLY GOATS for Dan Meyer SP Oak AAA.
BILLY GOATS (moves #2-3 of 20) sign Xavier Nady OF SD and Placido Polanco 2B Phi.

BILLY GOATS (move #4 of 20) sign Termel Sledge OF Was.
TRADE: MONEYBAGS send Mark Buehrle SP CHW, Bob Wickman RP Cle, Tim Redding SP SD and 2nd Rd minor Draft pick to the CYCLONES for Edgar Renteria SS Bos, Chad Cordero RP Was, Gavin Floyd SP Phi AAA (promote) and 3rd Rd minor pick.
CYCLONES Promote Dallas McPherson 3B LAA.

TRADE: VIOLATORS send Nick Swisher OF Oak (4) and Clint Everts SP Was AAA to the CYCLONES for Lance Berkman OF Hou.
BRAINIACS have to release Casey Kotchamn 1B Ana (4) as he started the season in AAA and not with the major team.

TRADE: CRITTERS send Braden Looper RP NYM and their 5th Rd minor pick to the CYCLONES for 1st Rd minor pick.
CRITTERS DL Bobby Crosby SS Oak.
CRITTERS (move #2 of 20) sign Tim Wakefield SP Bos.

BRAINIACS promote Jesse Crain RP Min.
BROWNS (move #2 of 20) DL Bobby Madritsch SP Sea and sign Chris Capuano SP Mil.

CAJUNS (move #1 of 20) awarded Casey Kotchman 1B LAA AAA via waivers and release Raja Davis OF Pit AAA.
VIOLATORS (move #3 of 20) sign Bengie Molina C LAA.
BW34 (move #3 of 20) sign Bob Howry RP Cle and DL Moises Alou OF SF. (League makes this move since line up short a RP for second week in a row!)

CYCLONES (move #4-5) DL Kris Benson SP NYM and CC Sabathia SP Cle, signing Brad Halsey SP Ari (4) and Eric Hinske 3B Tor.

BROWNS (move #3 of 20) DL Justin Morneau and sign Shea Hillenbrand 1B Tor.
WAR EAGLES (move #3 of 20) sign and DL Joe Borowski RP CHC.

CRITTERS (move #3 of 20) release Casey Blake 3B/OF Cle and sign Edgardo Alfonso 3B SF.

BILLY GOATS (move #5 of 20) release Luis Ayala RP Was and sign Dustin Hermanson RP CHW.
WAR EAGLES (move #4 of 20) DL Jeremy Affeldt RP Kan and sign Mike MacDougal RP Kan.
CARDINALS (move #1 of 20) DL Garrett Atkins 3B Col and sign Scot Shields RP LAA.

CARDINALS (move #2 of 20) release Yadier Molina C StL and sign Mike Hampton SP Atl.

CYCLONES activate CC Sabathia SP Cle and DL Mark Teahen 3B Kan. Name major field "Gasworks Park".
VIOLATORS (move #4 of 20) sign Matt LeCroy 1B/C Min and DL Bengie Molina C LAA.

CYCLONES activate Dave Roberts OF SD and Brad Penny SP LAD, release Craig Monroe OF Det and Kenny Baugh SP Det AAA, demote Ryan Church OF Was.

BROWNS (move #4 of 20) DL Nomar Garciaparra SS CHC and Todd Walker 2B CHC, release Akinori Otsuka RP SD, activate Justin Morneau 1B Min, sign John Patterson SP Was.

BROWNS (move #5 of 20) sign Cesar Izturis SS LAD.
CYCLONES (move #6 of 20) sign Aaron Redding SP Cin and release Tim Redding SP SD.

CAJUNS move #2-3 of 20) DL Ramon Ortiz SP Cin, release Aaron Boone 3B Cle, and sign Orlando Hernandez SP CHW and Chin-Hui-Tsao RP Col.
BRAINIACS (move #2 of 20) sign Ambiorix Burgos RP Kan (4) AAA.
CRITTERS (move #4 of 20) sign Jamie Moyer SP Sea and DL Jaret Wright SP NYY.

CYCLONES (moves #7-8) release LaTroy Hawkins RP CHC and Ryan Raburn 2B Det AAA signing Victor Diaz OF NYM (4) and Brian Tallet SP Cle AAA.

VIOLATORS (move #5) demote JJ Hardy SS Mil and sign Woody Williams SP SD.
TRADE: VIOLATORS send Jason Lane OF Hou, 1st Rd. minor pick, and Dustin McGowen SP Tor AAA to the CYCLONES for Barry Bonds OF SF. CYCLONES release Dave Roberts OF SD and Trevor Hutchinson SP Fla AAA.

TRADE: WAR EAGLES send Milton Bradley OF LAD, Homer Bailey SP Cin AAA and their 2nd Rd 11th pick minor draft to the CYCLONES for Sammy Sosa OF Bal. CYCLONES release Bobby Jenks SP CHW AAA.
CYCLONES (move #9) sign Matt Herges RP SF and release Juan Cruz RP Oak.
CRITTERS (move #5) DL Curt Schilling SP Bos and sign Bruce Chen SP Bal.
TRADE: CYCLONES send Brad Halsey SP Ari (4) to the CRITTERS for Bruce Chen SP Bal and 2nd RD 7th pick minor draft.
TRADE: CYCLONES send Jason Lane OF Hou, Mark Teahen 3B Kan (3) DL, and Adam Loewen SP Bal AAA to the CAJUNS for Austin Kearns OF Cin, Dan Haren SP Oak, Ramon Ortiz SP Cin DL, and Adrian Gonzalez 1B Tex AAA.
CYCLONES demote Nick Swisher OF Oak and release Kris Honel SP CHW AAA.
CAJUNS (move #4) sign Carlos Silva SP Min and release Glen Bott SP Min AAA.
CAJUNS (move #5) DL Armando Benites RP SF and sign Shawn Chacon SP Col.

VIOLATORS (move #6) sign Matt Moses 3B Min AAA.

WAR EAGLES (move #5) demote Jason Bartlett SS Min and sign Kenny Rogers SP Tex.

VIOLATORS (move #7) sign Ron Bellard 2B Cle and DL Ben Sheets SP Mil.
CYCLONES (move #10) sign Derrick Turnbow RP Mil and release Miguel Olivo C LAA.

BW34 activate Moises Alou OF SF and release Richard Hidalgo OF Tex.
CAJUNS activate Wade Miller SP Bos and release Jose Contreras SP CHW.

CYCLONES trade Mark Buehrle SP CHW to the CRITTERS for Pat Burrell OF Phi.
WAR EAGLES (move #6) release Paul Wilson SP Cin and sign Neifi Perez 2B/SS CHC.

WAR EAGLES (move #6) DL Jim Thome 1B Phi and sign Nick Johnson 1B Was.

VIOLATORS (moves #8-9) DL Ben Sheets SP Mil and Woody Williams SP SD, sign Esteban Loaiza SP Was and Jose Contreras SP CHW.

Cyclones release Ramon Ortiz SP Cin and Bobby Brownlie SP CHC AAA, demote Victor Diaz OF NYM and activate Kris Benson SP NYM.

VIOLATORS activate Lance Berkman OF Hou, demote Chris Burke 2B Hou and release Willy Aybar 2B LAD AAA.
CRITTERS (move #6-7) release Sidney Ponson SP Bal and Josh Towers SP Tor, releasing Victor Zambrano SP NYM and Jamie Moyer SP Sea.

BROWNS (move #6) release Kip Wells SP Pit and sign Mark Grudzielanek 2B StL.

CARDINALS (move #3) demote Garrett Atkins 3B Col, release Ted Lilly SP Tor, and sign Daniel Cabrera SP Bal.
MONEYBAGS DL Craig Wilson 1B/C Pit, and promote Russ Adams SS Tor.

BILLY GOATS (moves #6-7) release Ricky Botallico RP Mil and Termal Sledge OF Was, signing Ben Broussard 1B Cle and Ugueth Urbina RP Det.
VOILATORS activate Tony Armas SP Was and release Eric Byrnes Of Oak.
CARDINALS (moves # 4-5) Release Vincente Padilla SP Phi and sign Aaron Heilman SP NYM and Justin Duchscherer RP Oak.

MONEYBAGS (move #1) demote Gavin Floyd SP Phi and sign Ryan Klesko OF SD.
VIOLATORS (move #10) release Ron Belliard 2B Cle and sign Craig Biggio 2B/OF Hou.

CARDINALS (move #6) release Aaron Heilman SP NYM and sign Mark Redman SP Pit.
CRITTERS (move #8) release Steve Finley OF LAA and sign Hee Seop Choi 1B LAD.

VIOLATORS activates Benjie Molina C LAA and DL Rich Harden SP Oak.
CARDINALS activate Guillermo Mota RP Fla and DL Kerry Wood SP CHC.

VIOLATORS (move #11) release Brian Lawrence SP SD and sign Adam Benero RP Atl.

CRITTERS (move #9) DL Brandon Lyon RP Ari and sign Brian Bruney RP Ari.
TRADE: CYCLONES send Bob Wickman RP Cle, Cole Hamels SP Phi AAA, and Brad Hennessey SP SF AAA to the CAJUNS for Casey Kotchman 1B Min AAA and their 3rd and 4th RD minor picks.
CAJUNS DL Chin Hui Tsao RP Col.
TRADE: CYCLONES send Jason Kubel OF Min AAA and Brandon Webb SP Ari to the CRITTERS for Sidney Ponson SP Bal and their 2nd RD minor pick.

BROWNS (move #7) demote Yhency Brazoban RP LAD and sign Brian Fuentes RP Col.
CYCLONES (move #11) sign Tyler Walker RP SF.

WAR EAGLES activate Jim Thome 1B Phi and Joe Borowski RP CHC, DL John Thomson SP Atl, and release Neifi Perez 2B CHC.

NEW GM Buck Slater takes over the BW34 and renames the team Peoria Chiefs II.
WAR EAGLES (move #8) release Mike Mac Dougal RP Kan and sign Glendon Rusch SP CHC.
CAJUNS (move #6) demote Mark Teahen 3B Kan, DL Orlando Hernandez SP CHW and sign Kip Wells SP Pit.
BROWNS (moves #8-9) DL Jose Vidro 2B Was, release Erubial Durazo 1B Oak, sign Felipe Lopez SS/3B Cin and Jay Gibbons OF Bal.
CYCLONES (move #12) release Matt Herges RP SF and sign Joe Mays SP Min.
CRITTERS (move #10) release Edgardo Alfonso 3B SF, and sign Craig Counsell 2B/SS Ari.
CARDINALS (move #7) release Justin Duchscherer RP Oak and sign Brady Clark OF Mil.
TRADE: War Eagles send Chris Young SP Tex AAA (to be promoted) to the WOLVES for their 1st RD minor pick.
WOLVES demote Huston Street SP Oak.

VIOLATORS (move #12) sign Chris Reitsma RP Atl and DL Octavio Dotel RP Oak.

CHIEFS (move #4) sign Jorge Sosa RP Atl and DL Francisco Rodriguez RP LAA.
CARDINALS (move# 8-) release Jarrod Washburn SP LAA and Mark Redman SP Pit, promote Garrett Atkins 3B Col and sign John Lackey SP LAA.

VIOLATORS (move #13) sign Ryan Dempster RP CHC and release Matt LeCroy 1B/C Min.
Browns (move #10) sign Mark Redman SP Pit and release Jeff Suppan SP StL.
BROWNS DL John Patterson SP Was and promote Gustavo Chacin SP Tor.

VIOLATORS (move #14) release Jorge Cantu 2B Tam and sign Morgan Ensberg 3B Hou.
CRITTERS (move #11) DL Mark Loretta 2B SD and sign Ryan Freel 3B/OF Cin.
CARDINALS (move #9) release Brady Clark OF Mil and sign Ted Lilly SP Tor.

VIOLATORS DL Erik Bedard SP Bal and activate Ben Sheets SP Mil.

TRADE: CRITTERS send Josh Towers SP Tor to the CAJUNS for Brandon Inge 3B/OF/C Det.

CRITTERS (move #12) release Hee Seop Choi 1B LAD, and sign Brian Lawrence SP SD.
CHIEFS release Russ Ortiz SP Ari and activate Francisco Rodriguez RP LAA.
WAR EAGLES (move #9-10) DL Kevin Millwood SP Cle, sign Chien-Ming Wang SP NYY AAA and Victor Santos SP Mil.
BRAINIACS (moves #3-4) DL Mark Prior SP CHC and Maggilo Ordonez SP CHW, sign Cory Lidle SP Phi and Ryan Madson RP Phi.
BROWNS release Jay Gibbons OF Bal and activate Todd Walker 2B CHC.

WAR EAGLES release Norihiro Nakamura 3B LAD AAA.

BRAINIACS (move #3) sign Sean Gallager SP CHC AAA and release Jo Jo Reyes SP Atl AAA.
TRADE: CYCLONES send KAz Matsui SS NYM to the BRAINIACS for nd Rd Minor pick 9th.
BRAINIACS DL Aaron Miles 2B Col.

WAR EAGLES activate Frank Thomas 1B CHW and release Al Leiter SP Fla.
CYCLONES activate Bobby Crosby SS Oak.

BROWNS activate John Patterson SP Was and demote Gustavo Chacin SP Tor.

CYCLONES (move #13) sign Todd Jones RP Fla and DL Milton Bradley OF LAD.

TRADE: WOLVES send Francisco Cordero RP Tex and 3rd Rd minor pick to the CRITTERS for Brandon Webb SP Ari and Brad Halsey SP Ari (4).
WOLVES DL Jeff Bagwell 1B Hou and Cory Koskie 3B Tor, promoting Huston Street RP Oak.
NATIONALS activate Jeremy Affledt RP Kan and release Matt Lawton OF Pit.
TRADE: Cyclones trade Victor Martinez C Cle and the #10 pick of the 2nd rd to the Moneybags for John Buck C Kan (4), 1st rd pick #3, 3rd rd pick #7, and 5th rd pick #3.
VIOLATORS activate Woody Williams SP SD and release Adam Bernero RP Atl.
CYCLONES (move #14) demote John Buck C Kan and sign Yadier Molina C AtL.
MONEYBAGS (move #2) DL Javy Lopez C Cle and sign Jarrod Washburn SP LAA.
CRITTERS (move #13) sign Shawn Estes SP Ari and DL Mark Loretta 2B SD.

MONEYBAGS Send Mike Maroth SP DET, and their 2nd, and 3rd round picks to the WAR EAGLES for Brad Radke SP MIN.

CHIEFS (move #5) Jorge Sosa RP Atl and sign Mike MacDougal RP Kan.

BRAINIACS release from AAA Justin Germano SP SD, Travis Chick SP SD, and Scott Mitchinson SP Phi.
MONEYBAGS (moves #3-4) release Ryan Drese SP Tex, demote Russ Adams SS Tor, and sign Jason Johnson SP Det and Brady Clark OF Mil.

TRADE: CYCLONES send Brad Penny SP LAD and Bobby Crosby SS Oak to the BRAINIACS for Ryan Wagner RP Cin, Juan Uribe 2B/SS/3B CHW, and their 1st RD 4th pick in minor draft.
CAJUNS activate Orlando Hernandez SP CHW and release Shawn Chacon SP Col.
CAJUNS (move #7) sign Rod Belliard 2B Cle and release Orlando Hudson 2B Tor.

CYCLONES promote Ryan Church OF Was and release Sidney Ponson SP Bal.
CARDINALS (moves #9-10) DL Chipper Jones 3B Atl, Mike Hampton SP Atl, and Clint Barmes SS Col, signing David Eckstein SS StL and Brian Moehler SP Fla.
BRAINIACS (moves #4-6) DL Rocco Baldelli OF Tam and Zach Day SP Mil, signing Jorge Cantu 2B Tam, Shannon Stewart OF Min, and Akinori Otsuka RP SD.

WAR EAGLES (move #11) sign Jonny Gomes OF Tam AAA.
BRAINIACS release Cory Lidle SP Phi.
TRADE: WOLVES send 4th RD pick in minor draft to the WAR EAGLES for Frank Thomas 1B CHW.
WOLVES release Jerome Williams SP CHC.

VIOLATORS (move #15) DL Randy Wolfe SP Phi and sign Adam Kennedy 2B LAA.

CYCLONES (move #15) signs Ron Hill SP CHC AAA.
War Eagles activate Kevin Millwood SP Cle.

CRITTERS (move #14) sign Tomo Ohka SP Mil and DL Tim Hudson SP Atl.

WOLVES (move #1) DL Eric Gagne RP LAD and sign Cliff Politte RP CHW.

CRITTERS promote Brandon McCarthy SP CHW and release Brian Bruney RP Ari.
TRADE: CYCLONES send Kris Benson SP NYM, James Loney 1B LAD AAA, and Wilson Betemit SS/3B Atl (4) AAA to the Billy Goats for their 1st, 2nd, and 3rd RD minor picks and Matt Tuiasosopo SS Sea AAA.
BILLY GOATS release Mike Gonzalez RP Pit and Junior Spivey 2B Was, promote Wilson Betemit SS/3B Atl.
CARDINALS (move #12) sign Justin Duchscherer RP Oak.

CRITTERS (move #15) Sign Jamie Moyer SP Sea and release Toma Ohka SP Mil.
TRADE: Cyclones trade Juan Uribe 2B/SS/3B CHW and their three 4th and two 5th rd picks to the Cajuns for Pedro Feliz 1B/SS/3B SF & Brad Hennessey SP SF(4).
TRADE: Cardinals send Brian Roberts 2B Bal and Jim Edmonds OF StL and 1st RD 1st pick in draft to the VIOLATORS for Ben Sheets SP Mil and Craig Biggio 2B/OF Hou.

CYCLONES (move #16) sign Rob Mackowiak 3B/OF Pit, promote Ervin Santana SP LAA, and release Eric Hinske 3B Tor.
WAR EAGLES release Jeremy Affeldt RP Kan and promote Andy Sisco RP Kan.

VIOLATORS activate Dan Harden SP Oak and release Danny Graves RP NYM.
TRADE: WOLVES send Eric Gagne RP LAD DL to the CARDINALS for Troy Percival RP Det and Justin Duchserer RP Oak.
CARDINALS (mvoe #13) sign Bill Hall 2B/3B Mil.
WOLVES release David Wells SP Bos and DL Odalis Perez SP LAD.

TRADE: CYCLONES send Mark Pakelek SP CHC AAA to the CRITTERS for Brandon McCarthy SP CHW (3).
CYCLONES release Tyler Walker RP SF.
BRAINIACS DL Kaz Matsui SS NYM and activate Mark Prior SP CHC.

CARDINALS activate Kerry Wood SP CHC.

BROWNS (move #11) sign Miguel Montero C Ari AAA.
WAR EAGLES (move #12) release Joe Borowski SP CHC, promote Jonny Gomes OF Tam, and sign Troy Patton SP Hou AAA.

CRITTERS (move #16) sign Paul Byrd SP LAA and DL Ryan Freel 3B Cin.
WAR EAGLES (move #13) sign Matt LeCroy C/1B Min and DL Nick Johnson 1B Was.
CYCLONES (move #17) DL Ryan Church OF Was, promote Nick Swisher OF Oak, and sign Jose Lopez SS Sea AAA.

BRAINIACS activate Magglio Ordonez OF Det and DL Jesse Foppert SP SF.
TRADE: CYCLONES send Autin Kearns OF Cin to the WAR EAGLES for Jacoby Ellsburg OF Bos AAA.
CYCLONES (move #18) release John Buck C Kan AAA and sign Chris Snelling OF Sea (4).
WAR EAGLES DL Jim Thome 1B Phi.

CHIEFS (moves #6-7) DL Kelvim Escobar SP LAA and JD Drew OF LAD, signing Tyler Walker RP SF and Ryan Drese SP Was.
VIOLATORS (move #16) sign Fernando Cabrera RP Cle AAA.
TRADE: CRITTERS send Bronson Arroyo SP Bos to the WAR EAGLES for Mike Maroth SP Det.

VIOLATORS (move #17) sign Mike Timlin RP Bos and DL Mike Cuddyer Min.
BROWNS (moves #12-13) activate Jose Vidro 2B Was, and DL Cesar Izturis SS LAD, sign Jeff Bianchi SS Kan AAA and Jared Wells SP SD AAA.

CHIEFS (move #8) awarded via waivers John Buck C Kan (4) AAA.
CAJUNS (moves #7-8) release Bobby Bradley SP Pit AAA, and sign Scott Mathieson SP Phi AAA and Shane Lindsay SP Col AAA.
Cyclones demote Brandon McCarthey SP CHW and promote Brad Hennessey SP SF.

BRAINIACS (move #7) sign Edison Volquez SP Tex AAA.
CYCLONES (move #19) sign and DL Rafael Soriano RP Sea.

BROWNS (move #14) sign Kyle Farnsworth RP Det, and release Mark Grudzielanek 2B StL.
NATIONALS (move #14) sign Steve Finley OF LAA and demote Jonny Gomes OF Tam.
CHIEFS promote Zach Duke SP Pit and release Bobby Howry RP Cle.
TRADE: CHIEFS send Moises Alou OF SF to the WAR EAGLES for Melvin Mora 3B Bal.
CHIEFS (move #9) sign Mark Kotsay OF Oak and DL Carl Pavano SP NYY.
VIOLATORS activate Erik Bedard SP Bal and release Woody Williams SP SD.
TRADE: CYCLONES send Cliff Pennington SS Oak AAA to the WAR Eagles for Chris Snyder C Ari AAA.
CYCLONES promote Chris Snyder C Ari and DL Yadier Molina C StL.

BROWNS release Cesar Izturis SS LAD.
BROWNS (move #15) sign Adam Jones SS Sea AAA.

CHIEFS (move #10) sign Jhonny Peralta SS Cle and release Shingo Takatsu RP CHW.
WAR EAGLES (moves #15-16) release Glendon Rusch SP CHC and Victor Santos SP CHC, signing David Wells SP Bos and Odalis Perez SP LAD. (rejected on roster)
CRITTERS activate Ryan Freel 3B/OF Cin and release Craig Council 2B/SS Ari.
CYCLONES activate Ryan Church OF WAS and Milton Bradley OF LAD, demote Chris Snelling OF Sea and release Rob Mackowiak 3B/OF Pit.
BILLY GOATS promote Chris Shelton 1B Det and DL Scott Rolen 3B StL.

CARDINALS DL Kerry Wood SP CHC and activate Mike Hampton SP Atl
MONEYBAGS activate Javy Lopez C Atl and DL Adam Eaton SP SD.

WOLVES activate Odalis Perez SP LAD and Corey Koskie 3B Min, place on DL Troy Percival RP Det and Roy Halladay SP Tor.
TRADE: CAJUNS send Brandon Wood SS LAA AAA and Ryan Howard 1B PHI AAA to the BRAINIACS for Jon Garland SP CHW and Brad Hawpe OF Col (4).
CAJUNS release Josh Towers SP Tor and demote Brad Hawpe OF COL.

CRITTERS (move #17) sign Shawn Chacon SP NYY, release Shawn Estes SP Ari, and DL Brandon Backe SP Hou.
WAR EAGLES activate Nick Johnson 1B Was.

CARDINALS (move #14) sign Brian Scheider C Was, promote Robinson Cano 2B NYY, and release Gullermo Mota RP Fla.
CHIEFS (move #11) sign Fernando Rodney RP Det, release Ryan Drese SP Was.

VIOLATORS activate Mike Cuddyer 3B Min and DL Trot Nixon OF Bos.
CARDINALS (move #15) release Lew Ford OF Min and sign Chris Duffy OF Pit (4).

BROWNS (move #16) sign Carlos Gonzalez OF Ari AAA.
BRAINIACS release Zach Day SP Ari.

BROWNS activate Nomar Garciappara SS CHC, and release MArk Redman SP Pit.

WAR EAGLES DL Kevin Brown SP NYY and promote Jeff Francoeur OF Atl
MONEYBAGS (move #5) sign Mark Grudzielanek 2B StL and release Bret Boone 2B.

MONEYBAGS DL Jarrod Washburn SP LAA and activate Adam Eaton SP SD.
VIOLATORS (move #18) sign Jeff Suppan SP StL and release Mike Timlin RP Bos.

MONEYBAGS (move #5) sign Corey Lidle SP Phi and release Jack Wilson SS Pit.

CRITTERS (move #18) sign Gary Matthews OF Tex and release Larry Walker OF StL.

WAR EAGLES activate John Thomson SP Atl and DL Moises Alou OF SF.

MONEYBAGS activate Jarrod Washburn SP LAA and DL Adam Eaton SP SD.
BROWNS release Kyle Farnsworth RP Atl and promote Gustavo Chacin SP Tor.
VIOLATORS promote Felix Hernandez SP Sea and DL Johnny Estrada C Atl.

BROWNS (move #17) sign Kevin Slowery SP Min AAA.
VIOLATORS (move #19) sign Kyle Farnsworth RP Atl and release Mike Cuddyer 2B/3B Min.

CRITTERS (move #19) sign Jae Seo SP NYM and release Ryan Freel 3B/OF Cin.
WAR EAGLES (moves #17-18) sign Al Leiter SP NYY and Vincente Padilla SP Phi, release Steve Finley OF LAA and Sammy Sosa OF Bal.

WOLVES (move #2) Wolves DL Torii Hunter OF Min and signs David Dellucci OF Tex. This move was received early this morning, and Dellucci has been placed in lineup.
CRITTERS (move #20) sign Jose Valvarde RP Ari and release Brandon Lyon RP Ari.

CAJUNS activate Armando Benitez RP Fla and release Danny Kolb RP Atl.

WAR EAGLES (moves #19-20) sign Toby Hall C Tam and Eric Campbell 3B Atl AAA, activate Moises Alou OF SF, DL Mike Piazza C NYM, release Al Leiter SP NYY.

CRITTERS released Mike Maroth SP Det and Jamie Moyer SP Sea.
MONEYBAGS activate Adam Eaton SP SD and release Jason Johnson SP Det.
BROWNS DL Armaris Ramirez 3B CHC and promote Dan Johnson 1B Oak.

MONEYBAGS (move #7) sign Jorge Sosa SP Atl, release Craig Wilson 1B/OF Pit, DL Cory Lidle SP Phi.

CHIEFS (move #12) sign Franklyn German RP Det demote Zach Duke SP Pit and Tadahito Iguchi 2B CHW, and activate Kelvim Escobar SP LAA.

WAR EAGLES activate Mike Piazza C/1B NYM and release Matt LeCroy C/1B Min.

MONEYBAGS activate Cory Lidle SP Phi and release Ryan Klesko OF SD.

BROWNS release Bobby Madritsch SP Sea, activate Armaris Rameriz 3B CHC, and demote Gustavo Chacin SP Tor.
CHIEFS release Mark Kotsay OF Oak and Eric Milton SP Cin, activates Carl PAvano SP NYY and JD Drew OF LAD.
WAR EAGLES releases Kevin Brown SP NYY, activates Jim Thome 1B Phi and demotes Jeff Francour OF Atl.
(u>Nov. 1st Cuts
Brian Lawrence, Gary Matthews, Joel Pineiro, Pedro Feliz, Ben Broussard, Chin Tui Tsao, Trot Nixon, Tony Armas, Chris Reitsma, Adam Kennedy, Johnny Estrada, Laynce Nix, Corey Koskie, Jeff Bagwell, Frank Thomas, Brian Moehler, Juan Rincon, Scot Shields, Bill Hall, Chris Duffy, Stuart Pomerantz, Luis Soto, James D'Antona, Jon Zeringue, Ryan Langerhans, and Wilfredo Puljols.