Transactions 2005

Once a waiver is awarded, the team returns to the end of the list. If needed be sure to send a roster moves if necessary with the claim to insure room for him if awarded. List as of beginning of FA moves:
  1. Billy Goats
  2. Violators
  3. Cajuns
  4. Cardinals
  5. Dawgs (1-9-06)
  6. Cyclones (1-16-06)
  7. Moneybags(3-24-06)
  8. Fighting Wolves (6-18-06)
  9. Browns (6-22-06)
  10. War Eagles (7-6-06)
  11. Brainiacs (7-6-06)
  12. Critters (8-10-06)

2006 Spring Minor League Draft

Order of Draft
Straight draft, order from worst to first using records for previous season with champs last and runner-up next to last.
  1. Brainiacs
  2. Dawgs
  3. Fighting Wolves
  4. Cyclones
  5. Billy Goats
  6. Browns
  7. Violators
  8. Cajuns
  9. Cardinals
  10. War Eagles
  11. Critters
  12. Moneybags

  1. Brainiacs...Andrew Miller SP Det
  2. Critters (trade w/ Cyclones w/ War Eagles w/ Dawgs)...Tim Lincecum SP SF
  3. War Eagles (trade w/ Fighting Wolves)...Luke Hochevar SP Kan
  4. Cyclones...Evan Longoria 3B Tam
  5. War Eagles (trade w/ Billy Goats)...Brad Lincoln SP Pit
  6. Cyclones (trade w/ Browns)...Brad Morrow SP Sea
  7. Violators...Kyle Drabek SS Phi
  8. Cyclones (trade w/ Cajuns)...Max Scherzer SP Ari
  9. Billy Goats (trade w/ Cardinals)...Greg Reynolds SP Col
  10. Cyclones (trade w/ War Eagles)...Hank Conger C LAA
  11. War Eagles (trade w/ Critters)...Clayton Kershaw SP LAD
  12. Critters (trade w/ Moneybags)...Drew Stubbs OF Cin

  1. Brainiacs...Brett Sinkbell SP Fla
  2. War Eagles (trade w/ Dawgs)...Billy Rowell 3B Bal
  3. War Eagles (trade w/ Fighting Wolves)...Jeremy Jeffress SP Mil
  4. Cyclones...Matt Antonelli 3B SD
  5. Billy Goats...Brent Brewer SS Mil
  6. Browns...Kyle McCulloch SP CHW
  7. Browns (trade w/ Violators)...Preston Mattingly OF LAD
  8. Cyclones (trade w/ Cajuns)...Emmanuel Burress SS SF
  9. Cardinals...Travis Snider OF Tor
  10. War Eagles...Maxwell Sapp C Hou
  11. War Eagles (trade w/ Moneybags w/Browns w/ Critters)...Chris Parmelee OF Min
  12. Moneybags (trade w/ Cyclones trade w/ Moneybags)...Kasey Kiker SP Tex

  1. Brainiacs...Tyler Colvin OF CHC
  2. War Eagles (trade w/ Dawgs)...Chris Marrero OF Was
  3. Fighting Wolves...Ryan Adams 2B/SS Bal
  4. Cyclones...Joba Chamberlain SP NYY
  5. Billy Goats///Daniel Bard SP Bos
  6. Critters (trade w/ Browns)...Bryan Morris SP LAD
  7. Violators...Pedro Beato SP Bal
  8. Browns (trade w/ Cyclones trade w/ Cajuns)...David Huff SP Cle
  9. Cardinals...Brett Anderson SP Ari
  10. War Eagles...Chris Coghlan 3B Fla
  11. Moneybags (trade w/ Critters)...Ian Kennedy SP NYY
  12. Browns (trade w/ Moneybags)...pass

  1. Brainiacs...pass
  2. Dawgs...pass
  3. Fighting Wolves...Cory Rasmus SP Atl
  4. Moneybags (trade w/Cyclones)...Adam Ottavino SP StL
  5. Billy Goats...Brooks Brown SP Ari
  6. Violators (trade w/ Browns)...Cody Johnson 1B ATL
  7. Violators...Kyler Burke OF SD
  8. Moneybags (trade w/ Cyclones trade w/ Cajuns)...Wade Leblanc LHP SD
  9. Cardinals
  10. Dawgs (trade w/ War Eagles)...pass
  11. Critters...Jason Place OF Bos
  12. Moneybags...Chad Huffman 2B SD

  1. Brainiacs...pass
  2. Dawgs...pass
  3. Fighting Wolves...Cloten Willems SP Was
  4. Cyclones
  5. Billy Goats...pass
  6. Browns...pass
  7. Violators...Adrian Cardenas 2B Phi
  8. Critters (trade w/ Cajuns)
  9. Cardinals
  10. Dawgs (trade w/ War Eagles)...pass
  11. Critters...pass
  12. Moneybags...Steven Wright RHP Cle

Transactions 2006 Season

TRADE: War Eagles send Cliff Floyd OF NYM and Nick Johnson 1B Was to the Fighting Wolves for Odalis Perez SP LAD and Brandon Webb SP Ari.
TRADE: War Eagles send Rickie Weeks 2B Mil AAA, Felix Pie OF CHC AAA, and Jonny Gomes OF Tam (3)AAA to the Critters for Carlos Beltran OF NYM.
TRADE: Browns send Javier Vazquez SP CHW and their 3rd RD Minor pick to the Critters for Jason Vargas SP Fla AAA and their 2nd RD Minor pick.
TRADE: Browns send Chris Capuano SP Mil to the Cajuns for Oliver Perez SP Pit.
War Eagles release Jason Dubois OF CHC AAA, Ian Bladergroen 1B NYM AAA, Greg Aquino RP Ari AAA, John Thompson SP Atl, Toby Hall C Tam, and demotes Andy Sisco RP Kan (3).
Critters sign Jason Hirsch SP Hou AAA and Ryan Shealy SP Col AAA.
Tuffies sign Bobby Jenks RP CHW AAA and Chris Ray Bal AAA.
Cajuns sign Chuck James SP Atl AAA.
War Eagles sign Josh Willingham C Fla AAA and Matt Murton OF CHC AAA.
Cajuns sign Andre Ethier OF LAD AAA.
Dawgs sign Jimmy Barthmaier SP Hou AAA and Ronny Cedeno SS CHC AAA.
Moneybags sign Mike Cameron OF SD and Pedro Feliz 3B/OF SF, and release Phil Nevin 1B Tex and Cory Lidle SP Phi.
Cyclones sign Tom Gordon RP Phi, release Joe Mays SP Min and Chris Snyder C Ari (3), and demote Nick Swisher OF Oak (3), Ryan Church OF Was (2), and Brian Hennessey SP SF (3).
Cyclones sign Paul Maholm SP Pit AAA
TRADE: Moneybags sign Pedro Feliz 3B OF SF, and Willy Taveras OF Hou (3)AAA to the Cajuns for Cole Hamels SP Phi AAA and Mark Teahan 3B Kan (3) AAA.
Cajuns release Kip Wells SP Pit.
Brainiacs sign Ray Loitta SP CHW AAA and Ricky Nolasco SP Fla AAA.
TRADE: Cajuns send Paul Konerko 1B CHW to the War Eagles for Jim Thome 1B CHW and Beau Jones SP Atl AAA.
TRADE: Cyclones send Pat Burrell OF Phi to the Cajuns for Aaron Rowan OF Phi and their 2nd 3rd 4th RD minor picks.
TRADE: Cyclones send Grady Sizemore OF Cle and #8 pick 3rd RD minors to the Browns for Alex Rios OF Tor, Jeff Mathis C LAA AAA and their 1st Rd minor pick.
Billy Goats sign Zach Jackson SP Mil AAA.

TRADE: Dawgs send Jimmy Barthmaier SP Hou AAA and Hunter Pence OF Oak AAA and 1st and 2nd RD minor picks to the War Eagles for Odalis Perez SP LAD and Danys Baez RP Tam along with their 4th and 5th RD minor picks.
TRADE: Fighting Wolves send Jorge Posada C NYY, Huston Street RP Oak (3), Jason Isringhausen RP StL, Jason Duchserer RP Oak, Justin Verlander SP Det AAA and Anthony Lerew SP Atl AAA to the Cajuns for Jason Varitek C Bos, Armando Benitez RP SF, Bob Wickman RP Cle, Carlos Silva SP Min, and Joel Zumaya RP Det AAA.
Dawgs release Franklin German RP Det, Fernando Rodney RP Det, Tyler Walker RP SF, Carlos Guillen SS Det, and signs Travis Wood SP Cin AAA and Josh Johnson SP Fla AAA
Critters sign Kevin Melillo 2B Oak AAA and Scott Elbert SP LAD AAA.
Browns sign Elvis Andrus SS Atl AAA and Matt Holiday OF Col, release Todd Walker 2B CHC.
War Eagles sign Johnny Estrada C Ari and Matt Kemp OF LAD AAA.
TRADE: Cajuns send Adam Dunn OF Cin, John Garland SP CHW, Aaron Thompson SP Fla AAA and theri 5th RD Minor pick to the Critters for Tim Hudson SP Atl, Garrett Anderson OF LAA and Jason Kubel OF Min.
TRADE: Browns send Chris Ray RP Bal AAA to the War Eagles for Chien-Ming Wang SP NYY AAA.
Cajuns sign JJ Johnson SP Bal AAA and Tyler Clippard SP NYY AAA.
TRADE: Cajuns send Royce ring RP NYM AAA, Adam Loewen SP Bal AAA, Pedro Feliz 3B/OF SF, and Pedro Martinez SP NYM to the Billy Goats for Xavier Nady OF NYM and Jake Peavy SP SD.
Billy Goats sign Andy Santana SP CHC AAA and Anthony Whittington SP Was AAA.
TRADE: Billy Goats send Adam Loewen SP Bal AAA and their 1st RD Minor pick to the War Eagles for CJ Henry SS NYY AAA, Trevor Plouffe SS Min AAA, and Vincente Padilla SP Tex.
Billy Goats release Ugueth Urbina RP Det.

DAWGS awarded via waivers Kenji Jojima C Sea AAA.
TRADE: Cyclones send Chase Utley 2B Phi to the War Eagles for 2nd pick 1st RD minor, Justin Upton SS Ari AAA, Billy Butler 3B Kan AAA, and Luis Castillo 2B Min.
Cyclones promote Ryan Zimmerman 3B Was and Paul Maholm SP Pit, releasing Braden Looper RP StL.
TRADE: Cyclones send Jose Reyes SS NYM and both 4th RD minor picks to the Moneybags for their 2nd RD minor pick, Corey Patterson OF CHC, and Russ Adams SS Tor AAA.
Cyclones promote Russ Adams SS Tor.
Moneybags sign Lew Ford OF Min and awarded via waivers John Thomson SP Atl.
Browns sign Jose Tabata OF NYY AAA and Chris Iannetta C Col AAA.
Critters sign Chris Duffy OF Pit AAA and Donald Veal SP CHC.
TRADE: Browns send Vernon Wells OF Tor and 2nd RF Supp pick to the Moneybags for Jason Bay OF Pit and theri 4th RD Supp. pick.
War Eagles sign Scott Mitchinson SP Phi AAA and Mike Jacobs 1B Fla AAA.
Dawgs sign David Weathers RP Cin and Eduardo Nunez SS NYY AAA.
Cajuns release Cesar Jimenez SP Sea AAA, Shane Lindsay SP Col AAA, and Koyie Hill C Ari AAA, signing James Parr SP Atl AAA and Ian Desmond SS Was AAA.
Billy Goats sign Bill Bray RP Was AAA.
Cyclones sign Chris Reitsma SP Atl and Todd coffey RP Cin AAA.

Browns sign Nick Adenhart SP LAA AAA and Nolan Reimold OF Bal AAA.
Fighting Wolves sign Jeff Allison SP Fla AAA and Jesse Litsch SP Tor AAA.
Critters sign Dustin Nippert SP Ari AAA.
War Eagles sign Justin Orenduff SP LAD AAA and Tom Gorzelanny SP Pit AAA.
Dawgs sign Jason Jaramillo C Phi AAA and Rafael Gonzalez SP Cin AAA.
TRADE: Cyclones send Ryan Wagner RP Cin, Jeff Clement C Sea AAA, Victor Diaz OF NYM AAA, Brian Tallent SP Cle AAA, and Brian Bullington SP Pit AAA to the Cajuns for Justin Verlander SP Det AAA, Horicao Ramirez SP Atl, and Brad Hawpe OF Col AAA.
Critters sign Collin Balester SP Was AAA.
Violators release Randy Wolfe SP Phi, demote Felix Hernandez SP Sea, sign Mike Timlin RP Bos and Rod Barrjas C Tex

Browns sign Kory Casto 3B Was AAA and Jordan Tata SP Det AAA.
Dawgs sign Sean Marshall SP CHC AAA and BJ Szymanski OF Cin AAA.
War Eagles sign Tony Sipp SP Cle AAA and Dexter Fowler OF Col AAA.
Browns release Billy Buckner SP Kan AAA.
Violators sign Wade Davis SP Tam AAA.
Cyclones awarded Carlos Guillen SS Det via waivers.
Moneybags sign Fausto Carmona SP AAA

Browns sign Eric Patterson 2B CHC AAA and Adam Harben SP Min AAA.
Dawgs sign Jorge Julio RP Bal and Franklin Morales SP Col AAA.
War Eagles sign Wilken Ramirez 3B AAA and Adam Lind OF Tor AAA.
TRADE: Billy Goatssend Chone Figgins 2B/3B/OF LAA to the Critters for Mark Loretta 2B Bos and Brendan Harris 2B Was AAA.
Browns recall move on Harben who was on list but misspelled, and sign Travis Denker 2B LAD AAA

War Eagles sign Jair Jurrgens SP Det AAA and LaTroy Hawkins RP Bal.
Billy Goats sign Koyie Hill C Ari AAA.
Critters release Miguel Batista RP Ari and Jae Seo LAD.

War Eagles sign Joe Borowski RP Fla and Matt Harrison SP Atl AAA, and promote Andy Sisco RP Kan.
Moneybags awarded via waivers Billy Buckner SP Kan AAA.
Critters sign David Murphy OF Bos AAA and Matt DeSalvo SP NYY AAA.
Moneybags sign Chip Cannon 1B Tam AAA and Curtis Thigpen C AAA.

TRADE: Mighty Wolves send their 1st and 2nd RD Minor picks to the War Eagles for Yusmeiro Petit SP Fla AAA.
Violators sign Oscar Villareal RP Atl and release Octavio Dotel RP NYY.
Money Bags sign Josh Banks SP Tor AAA.
TRADE: Cyclones send Derrick Turnbow RP Mil and Brad Hennessey SP SF (3) AAA to the War Eagles for their 1st RD #10 minor pick.
War Eagles release LaTroy Hawkins SP Bal
Cyclones demote Dallas McPherson 3B LAA (3), Paul Maholm SP Pit (3), Ervin Santana SP LAA (3), and Russ Adams SS Tor (3), releasing Chris Snelling OF Sea AAA and John Hudgins SP Tex AAA.

Cyclones awarded via waivers Jae Seo SP LAD.
Billy Goats sign Chris Denorfia OF Cin AAA and Boof Bonser SP Min AAA.
Moneybags release Lew Ford OF Min. made by league since deadline has passed)

NFKL Announces the results of voting on Ruless Proposals from their First Winter Meetings:
Proposal #1 PASSED 7-1 [remove home team as tie breaker and replace with existing stats]
Proposal #2 PASSED 8-0 [play 3 games verses division foes]
Proposal #3 FAILED 7-1 [change number of playoff teams to 6]
Proposal #4 FAILED 6-1 [Supp. draft moved to winter meetings and add a minor draft to winter meetings for existing minors]
Proposal #5 FAILED 5-3 [Moving Supp. draft to early Feb.]

Cut Down to 20
Dawgs release Carl Pavano SP NYY, Rodrigo Lopez SP Bal, Jorge Julio RP NYM, Mike Lowell 3B NYM, Mike Sweeney 1B Kan.
Cajuns release Wade Miller SP CHC, Jose Mesa SP Col, Juan Uribe SS CHW, Xavier NAdy OF NYM, Dmitri Young 1B Det.

Critters release Jaret Wright SP NYY, Paul Byrd SP Cle, and Brandon Backe SP Hou.
Billy Goats demote Chris Shelton 1B Det, and releasing Reggie Sanders OF Kan, Dustin Hermanson RP CHW, Darin Erstad 1B LAA, and Noah Lowry SP SF.

Moneybags release Bill Mueller 3B LAD, Brady Clark OF Mil, Mark Grudzielanek 2B Kan, Dave Bush SP Mil, and John Thomson SP Atl.
War Eagles release Kenny Rogers SP Det, David Wells SP Bos, Moises Alou OF SF, and Dexter Fowler OF Col (4)AAA, demoting Andy Sisco RP Kan (2).

Browns release Jermaine Dye OF CHW, Jose Guillen OF Was, and Shea Hillenbrand 1B/3B Tor.

Violators release Mike Timlin RP Bos, Jeff Suppan SP StL, Oscar Villarreal RP Atl, Kyle Farnsworth RP NYY, and Esteban Loaiza SP Oak.

Fighting Wolves release Mike Lieberthal C Phi, Jeremy Burnitz OF Pit, David Dellucci OF Tex, demote Brad Hasley SP Ari and Chris Young SP SD.
Cyclones release Rafael Soriano RP Sea.

Cardinals release Ted Lilly SP Tor, Mike Hampton SP Atl, Omar Infante 2B Det, Sean Casey 1B Pit, and demotes Jeff Francis SP Col.

Brainiacs demote Joe Mauer C Min (4) and Jesse Crain RP Min (3), release Wil Ledezma SP Det, Aaron Miles 2B StL, and Akinori Otsuka RP Tex. (league cuts)

Moneybags sign to fill in from draft...Jason Johnson SP Cle, Corey Lidle SP Phi, Orlando Hudson 2B Ari, Lance Niekro 1B SF, and Ryan Langerhans OF Atl.
Violators sign Carlos Gomez OF NYM AAA, Fernando Martinez OF NYM AAA, Asdrubal Cabrera SS Sea AAA, Kevin Fransden 2B SF AAA, Craig Italiano SP Oak AAA, Jonathan Sanchez SP SF AAA, PJ Phillips SS LAA AAA, Martin Prado 2B Atl AAA JR Towles C Hou AAA, release Amborix Concepcion OF NYM AAA.
TRADE: Browns send Bobby Jenks RP CHW AAA to the Critters for Jeff Suppan SP Stl and Jay Gibbons OF Bal.
Critters promote Jonny Gomes OF Tam and Rickie Weeks 2B Mil, releasing Brendan Ryan SS Stl AAA and Craig Whitaker SP SF AAA, signing Thomas Mendoza SP LAA AAA, Nate Schierholtz OF SF AAA, and Jae-Kuk Ryu SP CHC AAA.
Browns sign Brent Clevlen SP Det AAA and release Aaron Cook SP Col and Eade Miller SP CHC.
Critters sign Glendon Rusch SP CHC
Billy Goats sign Carlos Pena 1B Det, Claudio Arias 3B BOS AAA, Kevin Whelan P DET AAA, Chaz Roe P ARI AAA, Brent Cox P NYY AAA, Sean Tracey P CHW AAA, Dan Uggla 2B FLA AAA, Wes Swackhammer OF STL AAA, and Chris Seddon P TB AAA.

TRADE: Dawgs send their 3rd RD 2nd pick to the War Eagles for Joe Borowski RP Fla.
Dawgs release Danys Baez RP Tam.
War Eagles promote Chris Ray RP Bal.

Critters sign Max Ramirez C Atl AAA and Michael Bowden Bos AAA, releasing Kelly Shoppach C Cle AAA and Matt DeSalvo SP NYY AAA.
Cyclones sign Brian Bannister SP NYM AAA and promote Ervin Santana SP LAA (3)

Moneybags sign Branden Ryan SS StL AAA and Craig Whitaker SP SF AAA.

TRADE: Cyclones send Todd Helton 1B Col, Toby Hall C Tam, and Bruce Chen SP Bal to the Cajuns for their 1st RD 8th pick minor draft, Brett Myers SP Phi, and Willy Taveras OF Hou AAA.
Cyclones promote Casey Kotchman 1B LAA and Josh Barfield 2B SD.
Cajuns release Shea Hillenbrand 1B Tor and Mike Lieberthal C Phi.
Moneybags sign Kelly Shoppach C Cle and Matt DeSalvo SP NYY AAA.

TRADE: Cyclones send Paul Maholm SP Pit (3) AAA to the War Eagles for Matt Kemp OF LAD AAA.
War Eagles sign Taylor Buchholz SP Hou AAA.
TRADE: Cyclones send Paul Byrd SP Cle to the Critters for Collin Balester SP Was AAA.
Critters demote Rickie Weeks SS Mil.
Cyclones release Luis Castillo 2B Min, and promote Willy Traveras OF Hou and Yuniesky Betancourt SS Sea.
Brainiacs promote Ambiorix Burgos RP Kan and Jesse Crain RP Min, and release Jason Foppert RP Sea and Shannon Stewart OF Min.

Violators releases Scott Linebrink RP SD and signs Neal Cotts RP CHW.
Critters awarded Shea Hillenbrand 1B/3B Tor via waivers and release Brandon Inge 3B Det.

Browns release Richie Gardner SP Cin AAA and sign Jose Bautista 3B Pit AAA.

Violators sign Seth McClung SP Tam and release Ryan Freel 2B/OF Cin.
Critters sign Jason Michaels OF Cle and release Glendon Rusch SP CHC.
Begin Roster Moves for 2006

Cardinals demote Clint Barmes SS Col and promote Jeremy Hermida OF Fla.

Billy Goats release Carlos Pena 1B Det and promote Prince Fielder 1B Mil.
Cardinals...move #1 DL Ben Sheets SP Mil and sign Dan Miceli RP Tam.
Fighting Wolves DL Troy Percival RP Det and releases Carl Pavano SP NYY, promote Chris Young SP SD and Scott Olsen SP Fla.
Cardinals DL AJ Burnett SP Tor and promote Felix Hernandez SP Sea.
Billy Goats release Wil Ledezma Det and promotes Jose Capellan RP Mil.
Brainiacs...move #1 release Kaz Matsui 2B NYM and sign Duaner Sanchez RP NYM.
Billy Goats...move #1 release Brady Clark OF Mil and sign Jose Mesa RP Col.

Cardinals...move #2 release Bob Howry RP CHC and signs Tim Worrell RP SF.

Cyclones...move #1-2 DL Todd JOnes RP Det and CC Sabathia SP Cle, signing Sergio Mitre SP Fla and Rafael Soriano RP Sea.
Moneybags...move #1 DL Adam Eaton SP Tex and sign Brandon Inge 3B Det.

Cyclones release Dmitri Young 1B Det and promote Adrian Gonzalez 1B SD

Browns...move #1 sign Danys Baez RP LAD and DL Nomar Gaciaparra 3B/SS LAD.
Billy Goats...move #2 sign Matt Wise RP Mil and DL Zach Greinke SP Kan.

Violators...move #1 release Seth McClung SP Tam and sign Fernando Rodney RP Det.
Dawgs DL Jason LaRue C Cin and promote Kenji Johjima C Sea.
Critters promote Bobby Jenks RP CHW and release Jacque Jones OF CHC.
Billy Goats demote Wilson Betemit SS/3B Atl and promote Chris Shelton 1B Det.
TRADE: Billy Goats send Travis Hafner 1B Cle and CJ Henry SS NYY AAA to the Violators for Ryan Dempster RP CHC and JJ Hardy SS Mil AAA.
Billy Goats demote Jose Capellan RP Mil and promote JJ Hardy SS Mil.
TRADE: War Eagles send Josh Willingham C Fla AAA to the Critters for their 1st RD minor pick and Scott Elbert SP LAD AAA.
Critters promote Josh Willingham and release Jason Kendall C Oak.

Violators...move #2 DL Aubrey Huff 1B/OF Tam and sign Ryan Freel 2B/OF Cin.
Cajuns...move #1 release Kyle Farnsworth RP NYY and sign Jason Jennings SP Col.

TRADE: Moneybags send Jason Marquis SP Stl, Wes Bankston 1B Tam AAA and their 3rd RD minor pick to the Browns for Oliver Perez SP Pit, Jared Wells SP SD AAA and their 2nd RD 11th minor pick.

Critters...move #1 sign Garrett Mock Ari AAA, promote Rickie Weeks 2B Mil, and release Shea Hillenbrand 1B Tor.
War Eagles DL Sean Casey 1B Cin and Noah Lowry SP SF, promote Taylor Buchholtz SP Hou and Paul Maholm SP Pit.

Critters...move #2 release Shawn Chacon SP NYY and sign Eric Milton SP Cin.
Violators activate AJ Burnett SP Tor and release Neal Cotts RP CHW.
Cardinals DL Chipper Jones 3B Atl and Eric Gagne RP LAD, activate Ben Sheets SP Mil and promote Clint Barmes SS Col. (this move was submitted prior to deadline)
Critters...move #3 sign Craig Wilson OF Pit and release Jason Michaels OF Cle.

Cyclones DL Horicao Ramirez SP Atl and activate Todd Jones RP Det.

Critters DL Derrick Lee 1B CHC and promote Hanley Ramirez SS Fla.
Cardinals...move #3 DL Kerry Wood SP CHC and Jeremy Hermida OF Fla, sign JJ Putz RP Sea, and activate Chipper Jones 3B Atl.
Violators...move #3 DL AJ Burnett SP Tor and sign Wandy Rodriguez SP Hou.

Browns...move #2 activate Nomar Garciaparra SS/3B LAD, sign Brandon Phillips 2B Cin, release Mark Ellis 2B Oak, Josh Towers SP Tor, and Yhancy Brazoban RP LAD (3) AAA.

Critters...move #4 release Eric Milton SP Cin and sign Jamie Moyer SP Sea.

Violators...move #4 sign Radhames Liz SP Bal AAA and release Guillermo Quiroz C Tor AAA.
TRADE: Violators send Richie Sexson 1B Sea, Colby Ramus OF StL AAA, and their 2nd RD Minor pick to the Browns for Brian Fuentes RP Col, Carlos Gonzalez OF Ari AAA, Matt Garza SP Min AAA, and their 4th RD Minor pick.
Browns...move #3 sign Tony Armas SP Was and release Jay Gibbons OF Bal.

Violators...move #5 sign Akinori Otsuka RP Tex and release Rod Barajas C Tex.
Brainiacs...move #2 promote Joe Mauer C Min, Ryan Howard 1B Phi, and John Papalbon RP Bos, release Adam LaRoche 1B Atl, Matt Albers SP Hou AAA, sign Gaby Sanchez C Fla AAA, DL Rocco Baldelli OF Tam and Mike Hampton SP Atl, demote Jesse Crain RP Min.

Browns...moves #4 sign Sidney Ponson SP StL and DL John Patterson SP Was.

TRADE: Wolves send Joel Zumaya RP Det AAA to the War Eagles for Matt Murton OF Bos AAA and Cliff Pennington SS Oak AAA.
War Eagles...move #1-2 DL Bartolo Colon SP LAA and demote Taylor Buchholtz SP Hou, sign Mike Maroth SP Det and Michael O'Connor SP Was (4)
Wolves promote Matt Murton OF CHC and release Cliff Politte RP CHW.
Moneybags...move #2 sign Todd Walker 2B CHC and release Orlando Hudson 2B Ari.
Cyclones...move #3 activate CC Sabathia SP Cle, demote Casey Kotchman, Yuniesky, Adrian Gonzalez, and Willy Traveras, promote Justin Verlander and Nick Swisher, sign Damian Miller C Mil.

Violators DL Rich Harden SP Oak and Brian Roberts 2B Bal.
Cyclones...move #4 sign John Kononka SP Tex AAA, release Corey Patterson OF Bal and Joe Seo SP LAD, and promote Brad Hawpe OF Col.

Dawgs DL Esteban Loaiza SP Oak and promote Zach Duke SP Pit
Violators activate Aubry Huff Tam
War Eagles activate Noah Lowry SP SF and demote Michael O'Connor SP Was.
Cyclones activate Horicao Ramirez SP Atl

Cardinals...move #4-5 release Tim Worrell RP SF and Mark Kotsay OF Oak, sign Juan Rincon RP Min and Jay Gibbons OF Bal.
Moneybags...move #3 DL Javy Lopez C Bal and sign Woody Williams SP SD.

Violators...move #6 sign Brett Tomko SP LAD.

Violators...move #7-8 DL Jose Contreras SP CHW, release Fernando Rodney RP Det, sign Juan Cruz SP Ari and Dana Eveland SP Mil (4).
Cyclones...move #5 sign Chris Snelling OF Sea AAA.

War Eagles DL Gary Sheffield OF NYY and promote Taylor Buchholz SP Hou.
Cajuns...move 2-3 release Bruce Chen SP Bal and Ryan Wagner RP Cin, sign Shawn Chacon SP NYY and Joe Crede 3B CHW.

Browns...move #5 DL Sidney Ponson SP StL and sign Aaron Cook SP Col.

Cajuns...move #4 DL Justin Duchscherer RP Oak and sign Tyler Walker RP Tam.
Moneybags activate Javy Lopez C Bal and release Woody Williams SP SD.

Cardinals (prior to the start of today's games) DL Hideki Matsui OF NYY and activate Kerry Wood SP CHC.
Violators promote Francisco Liriano RP Min and demote Dana Eveland SP Mil.

Critters...move #5 release Jamie Moyer SP Sea and sign Dan Wheeler RP Hou.

Dawgs...move #1 sign Elmer Dessens RP Kan and DL David DeJesus OF Kan.
Cajuns...move #5-8 release Orlando Hernandez SP Ari, sign Chan Ho Park SP SD, Deolis Guerra SP NYM AAA, Brandon Jones OF Atl AAA, Isaiah Ka'aihue 1B Atl AAA.
Browns...move #6 sign Casey Janssen SP Tor AAA.

TRADE: Cardinals send their 1st RD minor pick and Sergio Santos SS Tor AAA to the Billy Goats for Zach Greinke SP Kan.
Moneybags promote Cole Hamels SP Phi and release Lance Niekro 1B SF.
War Eagles...move #3-4 sign Steve Trachsel SP NYM and Kameron Loe SP Tex, demote Taylor Buchholz SP Hou and Paul Maholm SP Cin, release Wilken Ramirez 3B Det AAA and Henry Sanchez 1B Min AAA.
Violators activate Jose Contreras SP CHW and release Juan Cruz SP Ari.
Brainiacs...move #3 DL Jorge Cantu 2B Tam and sign Freddy Sanchez 2B/3B Pit.

Cyclones...move #6 sign Jason Botts 1B Tex AAA, release Sergio Mitre SP Fla and Yadier Molina C StL, promote Todd Coffey RP Cin and Jose Lopez 2B Sea.
Cardinals...move #6 release Craig Monroe OF Det, sign Corey Patterson OF Bal, demote Clint Barmes SS Col and activate Jeremy Hermida OF Fla.

Cajuns...move #9-10 sign Jared Lansford SP Oak AAA and Alay Soler SP NYM AAA.
Violatiors activate Brian Roberts 2B Bal and release Aaron Heilman RP NYM.
Browns DL Jose Guillen OF Was and activate Sidney Ponson SP StL.
War Eagles activate Gary Sheffield OF NYY, DL Mike Maroth SP Det, release Kamron Loe SP Tex, and promote Michael O'Connor SP Was.
Critters...move #6 sign Kenny Ray RP Atl and release Dan Wheeler RP Hou.

Violators...move #9 release Ryan Freel 2B/OF Cin and sign Rod Barajas C Tex.

these moves were in before games started
Critters...move #7 sign Miguel Batista SP Ari and release Keith Foulke RP Bos.
Brainiacs...move #4 awarded via waivers (first on list) Aaron Heilman RP NYM and release Juan Uribe SS CHW.

Cajuns...move #11 release Jason Lane OF Hou and sign Jorge Julio RP Ari.
Browns...move #7 release Brandon Phillips 2B Cin and sign Jose Castillo 2B Pit.
War Eagles activate Sean Casey 1B Pit and DL Gary Sheffield OF NYY.
Violators...move #10 sign Clay Hensley SP SD and release Brett Tomko SP LAD.
Violators activate Rich Harden SP Oak and release Wandy Rodriguez SP Hou.
Dawgs...move #2 Release Elmer Dessons RP Kan and sign Brandon Phillips 2B Cin.
War Eagles release Luke Hochevar SP who was not signed following the 2005 draft.

TRADE: Critters send Hanley Ramirez SS Fla (3) to the Cyclones for Todd Jones RP Det and their 1st RD 2nd pick in minor draft.
Critters promote Conor Jackson 1B Ari and release Craig Wilson OF Pit.
Cardinals...move #7 DL Jay Gibbons OF Bal, activate Eric Gagne RP LAD, release Dan Miceli RP Tam, and sign Ramon Ramirez RP Col (4).
Critters...move #8 sign Gil Meche SP Sea and release Paul Byrd SP Cle.
Cyclones...move #7 sign Fernando Rodney RP Det and release Chris Reitsma RP Atl.
Cajuns...move #12 DL Jeff Kent 2B LAD and sign John Rheinecker SP Tex (4)
Browns...move #8 sign Jaime Garcia SP StL AAA.

Violators...move #11 DL Rich Harden SP Oak, promote Matt Cain SP SF, sign Ronny Paulino C Pit, and release Rod Barajas C Tex.

Violators...move #12 sign Orlando Hernandez SP NYM and release Clay Hensley SP SD.
TRADE: Critters send Adrian Beltre 3B Sea and their 3rd RD 11th pick to the Moneybags for their 1st RD 12th pick.
Moneybags release Jason Johnson SP Cle.

Browns release Brent Clevelen OF Det AAA.
TRADE: Moneybags send Garrett Olsen SP Bal AAA and their 11th pick in 2nd RD to the War Eagles for Bronson Arroyo SP Cin.
Moneybags release Ryan Langerhans OF Atl.
War Eagles release Brad Hennessey RP SF AAA (3) and Andy Sisco RP Kan AAA (2).

Critters...move #9 sign Jacque Jones OF CHC.
Brainiacs...move #5 DL Brandon Backe SP Hou and Mark Prior SP CHC, activate Jorge Cantu and Rocco Baldelli, sign Jamie Shields SP Tam (4), and DL Mike Sweeney 1B Kan.
War Eagles...move #5 promote Jeff Francoeur OF Atl, release Brandon Claussen SP Cin, and sign Ramon Ortiz SP Was.

Cyclones...move #8 sign Mike Napoli C LAA (4), promote Matt Kemp OF LAD, release Damion Miller C Mil and Milton Bradley OF Oak.
Browns release Jeff SUppan SP StL, Jeff Bianchi 2B Kan AAA, and Mark Trumbo 3B LAA AAA, activate Jose Guillen.

Cardinals DL Kerry Wood SP CHC and promote Jeff Francis SP Col.

Critters...move #10 sign David Ross C Cin and DL Josh Willingham C Fla.

Browns...move #9 release Tyler Greene SS StL AAA and sign Jose Arredondo SP Ari AAA.
Violators...move #13 sign Enrique Gonzalez SP Ari (4) and demote Matt Cain SP SF.
War Eagles...move #6 DL John Thompson SP Atl and sign Mark Redman SP Kan.
Browns...move #10 release Eddie Guardado RP Sea, sign Takashi Saito RP LAD (4).
Cyclones release Joel Pineiro SP Sea, Russ Adams SS Tor (2) AAA, Mark Wainwright RP StL AAA, and Aaron Rowand OF Phi, promote John Koronka SP Tex and Willy Taveras OF Hou.

War Eagles activate Bartolo Colon SP LAA and release Ramon Ortiz SP Was.
Wolves...move #1 awarded Aaron Rowand OF Phi via waviers (Wolves 1st on list), DL John Lieber SP Phi.
Browns cut Sidney Ponson SP StL and promote Chien Wang SP NYY.

Cajuns activate Jeff Kent 2B LAD and DL Tyler Walker RP Tam.
Browns...move #11 awarded Adam Wainwright RP StL AAA via waivers.
Cajuns...move #13 sign Huberto Sanchez SP Det AAA.
Critters promote Jon Lester SP Bos.
War Eagles release MArk Redman SP Kan and Steve Trachsel SP NYM, promote Paul Maholm SP Pit and Mike Jacobs 1B Fla.

Critters demote Conor Jackson 1B Ari, release Miguel Batista SP Ari, activate Derek Lee 1B CHC and Josh Willingham C Fla.
Violators release Seth Smith OF Col AAA, Kevin Fransden 2B SD AAA, Matt Torra SP Ari AAA, Martin Prado 2B Atl AAA, Dana Eveland SP Mil AAA, and Orlando Hernandez SP NYM, activate AJ Burnett SP Tor.
Browns...move #10 DL Tony Armas SP Was, activate John Patterson SP Was, demote Chein Wang SP NYY, release Geoff Jenkins OF Mil, and sign Marcus Thames OF Det.
Browns promote Anthony Reyes SP StL

Moneybags...move #4 sign Ryan Freel 2B/OF Cin and release Todd Walker 2B CHC.

TRADE: Violators send Morgan Ensberg 3B Hou to the Critters for Dustin Nippert SP Ari AAA and Howie Kendrick 2B LAA AAA.
Violators promote Matt Cain SP SF and release Brian Dopriak 1B CHC AAA.
Critters release David Ross C Cin.
TRADE: Moneybags send Carlos Zambrano SP CHC, Edgar Renteria SS Atl, Ryan Freel 2B/OF Cin. Cole Hamles SP Phi (3), Chad Billingsley SP LAD AAA, and Jorge Sosa RP Atl to the Wolves for Alfonso Soriano 2B/OF Was, Roy Halladay SP Tor, Barry Zito SP Oak, and Chris Young SP SD (2).
Wolves release Oscar Villareal RP Atl and Omar Vizquel SS SF.

Moneybags...move #5 sign Raul Ibanez OF Sea.

Critters...move #11 sign Josh Hamilton OF Tam AAA.
Cajuns...move *14 release from AAA Brad Baker SP SD, Jose Ascaino SP Atl, Kevin Ardoin SP Det, Matt Green SP Ari, Brian Tallet SP Cle, Brian Bullington SP Pit, Mike Huggins 1B Bal, and Damaso Espino SS Cin, sign Carlos Marmol SP CHC AAA.
Wolves promote Chad Billingsley SP LAD and demote Matt Murton OF CHC.

These moves were in prior to games starting:
Cajuns demote John Rhienecker SP Tex and promote Andre Ethier OF LAD.
Wolves release Cliff Floyd OF NYM, activate John Lieber SP Phi, and promote Brian McCann C Atl.

Cajuns activate Justin Duchscherer RP Oak and release Toby Hall C LAD.

Wolves...move #2-3 sign Scott Lewis SP Cle AAA and Junior Contreras 1B NYM AAA.

War Eagles...move #7 awarded via waivers Esmailyn Gonzalez SS Was AAA, release Justin Orenduff SP LAD AAA.
Brainiacs...move #7 awarded via waivers Jesus Montero C NYY AAA.

Critters...move #12 sign Eddie Guardado RP Cin and release Jose Valverde RP Ari.

Critters...move #13 sign Shea Hillenbrand 1B/3B Tor and DL Morgan Ensberg 3B Hou.
Cajuns release Shawn Chacon SP NYY and promote Chuck James SP Atl.
TRADE: Cajuns send Pat Burrell OF Phi and Anthony Lerew SP Atl AAA to the Dawgs for Roger Clemens SP Hou and Marcus Giles 2B Atl.
TRADE: Fighting Wolves send Moises Alou OF SF to the Cajuns for Jeff Kent 2B LAD and Justin Duchscherer RP Oak.
Fighting Wolves release Mark Grudzielanek 2B Kan.
Browns activate Tony Armas SP Was and DL John Patterson SP Was.
Brainiacs DL Mark Prior SP CHC and Mark Mulder SP StL, promote Joe Blanton SP Oak.
War Eagles promote Adam Loewen SP Bal, Mike Pelfrey SP NYM, and Tom Gorzelanny SP Pit, demote Mike O'Connor SP Was and Mike Jacobs 1B Fla, release Sean Casey 1B Pit.
TRADE: War Eagles send Greg Maddux SP CHC and Anibal Sanchez SP Fla AAA to the Billy Goats for Pedro Martinez SP NYM.
Billy Goats DL JJ Hardy SS Mil.

Browns...move #13 release Jose Guillen OF Was and sign Juan Rivera OF LAA.

War Eagles...move #8-9 demote Tom Gorzelanny SP Pit, and sign Tomo Ohka SP Mil and Carlos Villanueva SP Mil AAA.
TRADE: War Eagles send Derrick Turnbow RP Mil to the Fighting Wolves for Yusmeiro Petit SP Fla AAA.
Fighting Wolves release Jorge Sosa RP Atl.
War Eagles promote Joel Zumaya RP Det.

Critters...move #14 sign Miguel Batista SP Ari, promote Connor Jackson 1B Ari, release Kenny Ray RP Atl, and DL Tim Wakefield SP Bos.
TRADE: Critters send Javier Vazquez SP CHW and Jake Westbrook SP Cle to the Wolves for Jason Varitek C Bos and John Maine SP NYM AAA.

Wolves DL Jeff Kent 2B LAD.
Critters...move #15 sign Steve Trachsel SP NYM.

Violators...move #14 sign Jason Windsor SP Oak (4) and releases Enrique Gonzlaez SP Ari (4).
TRADE: War Eagles send Jeff Francouer OF Atl (2), Adam Loewen SP Bal (3), and Mike Jacobs 1B Fla (3) AAA to the Cajuns for Roger Clemens SP Hou and Jim Thome 1B CHW.

TRADE: Cajuns send Manny Ramirez OF Bos and Randy Roth C/OF StL AAA to the Browns for Matt Holliday OF Col and Miguel Montero C Ari AAA.
Browns...move #14 DL Jose Vidro 2B Was and sign Orlando Hudson 2B Ari.
Cajuns...move #16-17 sign Elizardo Ramirez SP Cin AAA and Gerardo Parra OF Ari AAA.

Browns DL Nomar Garciaparra LAD and promote Chien Ming Wang NYY.
Critters...move #16-17 DL Rickie Weeks Mil and Derrek Lee CHC, signing Jeff SUppan SP StL and Gary Matthews OF Tex.

Trade in time for deadline, just catching up.
TRADE: Critters send Francisco Cordero RP Mil and Gio Gonzalez SP Phi AAA to the Cajuns for Troy Glaus 3B Tor and Jared Lansford SP Oak AAA.

Violators...move #15 release Jason Windsor SP Oak (4), promote Edwin Encarnacion 3B Cin and sign Joe Koshansky 1B Col AAA.

Dawgs release Jason LaRue C Cin and activate Mike MacDougal.
Critters...move #18 sign Jamie Moyer SP Sea and demote Jonny Gomes OF Tam.
Dawgs release Luis Gonzalez OF Ari

Fighting Wolves activate Jeff Kent LAD and release Angel Berroa SS Kan.
Browns...move #15 release JD Closser C Col AAA and sign Chris Duncan OF StL AAA.

Critters...move #19 awarded Luis Gonzalez OF Ari and release Shea Hillenbrand 1B/3B SF.

Moneybags activate Adam Eaton and release Oliver Perez SP Pit.
Browns...move #16 promote Jeremy Sowers, demote Anthony Reyes, activate Nomar Garciaparra, release Jose Castillo 2B Pit and Marcus Thames OF Det, sign Mark DeRosa 2B.OF Tex.
Dawgs...move #3 sign Dave Roberts OF SD.
Brainiacs release Mike Sweeney 1B Kan and David Wells SP Bos.

Violators...move #16 sign Oliver Perez SP NYM, demote Matt Cain SP SF, and release Denny Bautista SP Kan AAA.
Critters...move #20 promote Jason Hirsch SP Hou, release Jeff Suppan SP STL, sign Dan Wheeler RP Hou, and DL Eddie Guardado RP Cin.

Browns activate Jose Vidro and release Tony Armas SP Was.

Cajuns,,,move #18-19 sign Milton Lee SS/3B Cin AAA and JR House C Hou AAA, release Chan Ho Park SP SD.
Browns...move #17 release Danys Baez RP Atl and sign Seth McClung SP Tam.
Cardinals activate Zach Greinke and Jay Gibbons, DL eric Gage and Dave Eckstein.
Violators...move #17 sign Angel Villalona 3B SF AAA and release Fernando Cabrera RP Cle AAA.

Browns release Travis Bowyer and Mark De Rosa. The Browns claim Tom Mastny RP CLeve and Reed Johnson OF Tor
Violators Sign Jacob McGee SP TB, Brandon Erbe SP BAL, Will Inman SP MIL release Dan Meyer, Larry Broadway, Wladimir Balentein.
CYCLONES DEMOTE: John Koronka SP Tex (3) / Matt Kemp OF LAD (3)PROMOTE: Adrian Gonzalez 1B SD(3) / Brandon McCarthy SP CHW (3)DL: Tom Gordon RP Phi